No Place

Solo Exhibition at Studios Inc., Kansas City, Missouri.

Topo Topos

Topo Topos is a microgeographic record of the artist’s first encounter with Tulsa using sound and found objects.

Ray Traces

These resin collages are made either to capture and focus light, or as mementos of walks.

Sense of Place

Installation – HD Video, Foam, Plaster, 2018, variable dimensions.

Ground Frequency

16mm on video, stereo sound, 2 min., 2019

Lessons From Exes

An anthology film about the useful lessons that remain after the ex has gone on their way. Five women tell their stories.


Collaborative work for string quartet, 13 dancers and video, HD, black and white, live accompaniment, 2016.

Every Time I Go Outside the World is Different

5 projector expanded cinema performance, 2017. 16mm film, black and white, variable length.

No Ties to Earth

No Ties to Earth is a multi-media installation comprised of two channels of video and 10 photographs.

Practical Optics

Practical Optics, site-specific installation. 

Working Distance

Site-specific installation. Video, found objects, muslin and beeswax. 20x48x56.

Superlinear Living

Superlinear Living, 2015. Site-specific installation: 3 channel video, found objects, polyethylene film and resin. Dimensions variable.


Site-specific installation, 2015.

Resistant History

Resistant History is a website that acted as a gathering place for local documentary film and video work.

Map of Rain Hitting Water

2011. HD, color, stereo, 16 min.


2009. HD Video, color, stereo sound and live accompaniment; 9 min.

Documentation for Other Artists

Beat It (Katie Gilmore) and Xijing School (Xijing Men)

Portrait of an Imagined Woman With Totems and Domestic Detail

2004. 16mm, color, optical sound; 7 minutes.

Video Calibration

2003. Digital video, color, silent; 90 seconds.

Themes & Variations for the Naked Eye

Themes and Variations for the Naked Eye borrows objects from the still life and transforms them through the use of the extreme close-up.