Documentation for Other Artists

Beat It (Kate Gilmore)

In mesmerizing performances captured on video in a single shot, Kate Gilmore shapes an excessively messy and often absurd encounter between herself and her materials, using her body to climb, kick, toss, drip, smash, push, pull, dodge, and ultimately surmount the physical task as assigned. The exhibition includes a selection of works from the past decade along with a new work, created October 21st on site at the Artspace for this occasion.

Xijing School (Xijing Men)

HD, color, stereo sound, 11 min.
Documentation for the performance work of Xijing Men, an international project-based collaborative team of Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Chen Shaoxiong and Gimhongsok during their residency at the H&R Block Artspace in Kansas City.


Project Images